4 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

A few years ago I had an addiction to bags. Yeah, you heard me right, bags. Handbags, to be exact. I have a lot of handbags laying around in my closets. Fashionable accessories designed to improve my looks. I instantly fell in love with them, as I saw them beautifully displayed on the shop’s shelves.

My most used handbags where those where I could fit my daily essentials. Not too small and not too big, either.

If I think about it, now that I’m a mommy, my accessories have changed. My daily essentials have changed also, along with my accessories. Now I need more space and wear a backpack, since I must have a lot of child-related things with me, besides my own things.

What does my backpack contain? Besides a lipstick, a roll-on deodorant, my wallet, keys, water for my son, and maybe some snacks, these are the things that I couldn’t live without.

My Phone

I am officially addicted to my phone. Sometimes, I think my hands are glued to it. I use it for so many things, that it became my number one can’t-live-without thing.

I take pictures, mostly of my son, I use for memos and notes, and for reminders (birthdays, anniversaries). I access my social media accounts, mostly Facebook and Twitter, my e-mail… So, yeah, I could say that my phone is my life (after my family, of course, but we’re talking about things, right?)

My BuJo

I am not a very organized person, but I try to be. This is the reason that I started a BuJo.

For those who don’t know what a BuJo is, check this out. This is one of my new friends. Is like a diary to me. It contains a lot of notes, blog planning, and to-do lists related to my freelance writing activity. I love that I may also draw, paint… because I am quite artistic at heart. I love filling it’s pages with calligraphy handwriting, colors, and beautiful shapes.


Since my Freelance Writing activity has developed, I’m starting to earn some decent money. It’s a great feeling. The feeling of financial freedom. And the moment came when I most needed it. Don’t you just love moments like this?

So, I always have money on me. Not much, but enough to make a trip to the nearby Starbucks or have a fast food. If not, I quickly grab my credit card and stick it in my pocket. I hate the feeling of not having money with me. I don’t know if you have the same feeling. Do you?

Black Tea

While I can’t resist a vanilla flavored coffee when I pass by a Starbucks, I always begin my day with a cup of black tea. Black tea is my morning coffee.

Sometimes, after I drive my son to preschool, I must do some errands, and I don’t have time to pass by home and eat my breakfast. I head straight to the mall. When I do this, I drink my black tea (usually with a butter croissant beside) at the mall. I must say I’m also addicted to black tea.


What are your “can’t live without” things?


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