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Before and After Motherhood

I know everyone had received the same advice from friends with kids. Your life will change after having kids! Party now, before you have kids! NOTHING will gonna be the same! Oh, and how true all this is!

Now, as I take a step closer to the bookshelves, I touch the cover of my photo album and open it. Flashes of memories appear in front of me as I see the pictures inside, turning page after page.

I remember how my life was before becoming a mommy. Family life changes you, it changes your life completely. Your time, your space, and even your surrounding noise start to take a different form.


I remember time (a long time ago) when a day in my life was like this:

10 a.m. Beep! Beep! My alarm clock starts to buzz. I try to open my eyes and look at the clock. My classes start at 12:00 a.m. and, since I’m feeling so tired, I decide to postpone my alarm with one hour.

11 a.m. As I hit the snooze button on my alarm, I turn on the other side and close my eyes, again. After 3 snoozes, I try to get out of bed. If I move a little faster I will get to college just in time for my Economics class. I brush my teeth as fast as I can, apply my mascara (after removing the smudged one from the night before) and my lipstick. I’m ready to go. Oh, wait! I have to get dressed.

As I drive to college, I think of the night that had just passed. I can still hear the music in my head and I can still see myself and my sister (who is not actually my sister, is my best best girlfriend, but so close to my heart that it feels like a sister) showing our best dancing moves to the clubbers, right on the bar. And no, I don’t work there as a dancer, but the club’s MC and DJ is a really good friend of mine.

I can still see those beautiful brown eyes looking at me from the corner of the room, sitting on a couch together with his friends. I hope I’ll see him again next weekend.

After three hours of dancing, drinking (not too much) and (maybe a little) flirting we decide that it’s time to go home since tomorrow is Monday and we have classes to attend and maybe learn new and interesting stuff that will help us in our future (how naive).

2 p.m. After listening to our teacher for two whole hours, my sis and I decide that we should better not stay for the next class, and we head to our favorite bar. A strong coffee would help me keep my energy on a good level and keep me awake (since I still feel so sleepy).

Time goes by as we gossip about our colleagues and as we remember the night before, and we decide to go home and watch a good movie.

8 p.m. We’ve seen the last episodes of Gossip Girl and Dr. House. It’s time to go home.

9 p.m. I’ve eaten some take-out food, took a shower and went to bed. I’m flipping through the channels on TV, since I realize I can’t sleep. Nothing too good to see. I reach out to take my laptop in bed for a quick internet browsing (and some celebrity gossip).

12 p.m. I don’t even realize how time went by so quickly. As I close my eyes, I can hear it… total silence. I must get some sleep, since tomorrow is another day and maybe I’ll go shopping. I need a new club outfit to impress the “brown-eyed” guy from the club. I can’t stop thinking of him.


Those were some really happy times. Just enjoying myself and having fun. Nothing else mattered.


Now let’s forward a little, just a few years (or more), and let me tell you how a day in my life is now:

7:30 a.m. I’m waken up by an alarm clock. As I figure that it is my husband’s alarm (as he needs to wake up and go to work), I turn on the other side and close my eyes.

8:00 a.m. After I hit the Snooze button a couple of times, I get up and go to my son’s room. I slowly open the door and I approach my son’s bed. As I’m petting his back, I start to talk to him slowly. “Wake up, baby! It’s time to go to preschool!” I let him rest with the door open, so he can hear the noises in the house and wake up.

9 a.m. As I leave my son in the good care of the preschool Miss (teacher) I head home. I feel hungry, since I didn’t eaten anything since I woke up (my son is having breakfast at 9 a.m. in the preschool’s dining area, so I don’t have to cook for him in the morning, thank God).

While enjoying my fried eggs and my black tea, I start to think of my to-do list for this day.

Shopping for some new clothes, since the weather is getting colder and my son’s clothes don’t fit anymore (before I had a child, I didn’t even know shops have Kids Section).

I also have to shop for some food. Our fridge is almost empty and I also have to think of something to cook for dinner.

Cleaning the house is also on my to-do list, as well as some blogging and freelance writing activities, like every day.

5:30 p.m. I’m enjoying my coffee on the couch, watching some TV. Dinner is ready, the house is (almost) clean, I’ve linked up some of my posts and pitched some freelance writing gigs.

I must get my son from preschool.

6 p.m. My husband is also home and the house seems to be full. Before I had kids, I didn’t realize how much noise  can they make. I mean, all I hear is “Mommy, come and play with me!”, or “Mommy, I want to show you something”, “Mommy…”, and on the background is either “Jake, the pirate” or “PJ Masks” or some other Disney creation (Thank you, Walt Disney!).

When the weather is warmer we spend a lot of time outdoors, and the time passes by more quickly (for me at least). We love going to playgrounds together with our friends and neighbours. It’s kind of like clubbing, right?

As a mother, you can’t be too tired, as your kid needs you constantly (I don’t know about you, but mine does). If I want to rest, I take the IPad out. It’s as simple as that.

9:30 p.m. After dinner and shower, it’s time to sleep. I get in bed with my son, and lay beside him, hugging him. I just love the smell of his hair, and the way he pushes into my chest. The silence settles over our home again.


This are some normal day activities for me. I didn’t even begin to think about the traveling differences before I was a mommy. Or about my “me time”, the time I used to spend for make-up or shopping for clothes.

Even the space around me changed. Now I’m constantly stepping on legos and little cars.

As I close the photo album, I sit down on the couch expecting for my son to wake up. We’ll play together and have a lot of fun. I also have to think of some educational activities to do with my son, since I know he loves those.


What do you most miss about your Before-Motherhood time?


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