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My 2017 Goals

When I first planned this post I’ve name it My 2017 Blog Goals. But then I wanted to write something more personal. I’m sure that we all have our personal goals too. Some of us even don’t realize our goals exist (or that we should have some) until we take a piece of paper and start scribble them on it. I, for one, love to plan everything on paper. Actually one of my 2017 Goals is to have more notebooks.


I just love pretty little (or big) notebooks. I have purchased some beautiful notebooks lately, but I want more (I’m addicted). I love the ones with pretty bright colors or illustrations, with hard covers and lined sheets.

I’m a big fan of writing, and almost everyday, I take my favorite pen and note something on paper. Almost each of my blog posts are planned on a piece of paper before I put it on my blog (or, as a freelance writer, before I start writing it on my google drive folders).

Even when I read (and believe me, I read a lot) I scribble down my favorite phrases and passages on my commonplace book, which also a pretty little notebook.

So, I think that I will need some more notebooks this year for my notes.

My Freelance Writing Career

Besides my blog, I must also focus on my freelance writing career.

My blog will always be my baby, and I hope that my freelance career will cover my financial needs. At the same time my job is something that I love to do. Not many can experience this joy while working on their full or part-time job.

So, my primary goals will be Pitch more! and write more. Which brings me to my next 2017 Goal.

Write Consistently

Last year my blog posts were written every now and then. If I published a post today, the next one will be published next week or even after two weeks.

This year I want to focus on consistency. I will try and post at least two times a week.

Also I will try my hand at some short stories or essays with a bit of a narrative / storytelling twist. Because I love writing, and to see if it will work. Maybe my readers will want some more. Let’s see!


One of my Blog Goals is to build a stronger social media presence.

My focus will be on Twitter, which I love, Instagram and Pinterest. Later on, I will focus also on my Facebook page.

I am already active on Twitter, but I want to create a stronger presence between bloggers.

Read Books

This is a goal I started since 2016, when I’ve read a lot of books, most of them English books, since English is not my native language.

I love to hold and smell a new book, and if the author is John Green, Rainbow Rowell or K.A. Tucker I couldn’t be happier.


One important goal for 2017 will be finding a good balance between family time, my freelance career and my blogging.

I want to do it all, and I’m that, with a little planning, I can do it.

So, bring it on 2017! I’ll meet on the other end.


What are your goals for this year? Have I inspired you in some way?

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  1. I’m notebook obsessed too! Must be a writer’s thing.

    I’m working on a book…..and I feel terrified, excited, overwhelmed, and lost…all at the same time!

    Here’s to a new year!
    WebMDiva recently posted…Web Roundup – A 50 Year Old Uterus, Charles Manson is Out, and a 48 Second BeatdownMy Profile

  2. I love pretty notebooks too and have a shiny new one to open for this year. I’d like to read more too. Good luck reaching your goals this year. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

  3. She believed she could so she did!

    I also need to pitch more but I’m pretty rubbish at it so it’s one of my goals this year too. Love the balance between personal and blog goals. Good luck with your free lancing career and thank you for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Free Days Out in Sussex with kids – Pooh BridgeMy Profile

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