How to Cope with a Newborn

how-to-cope-with-a-newborn-1Memories of the “baby days” appear to me like flowers in the field. And I want to tell you what worked for me in the early days of motherhood. Maybe it will also work for you (and help you).

So, after you’ve given birth to your little bundle of joy, you have to come home with your baby and begin the fascinating journey called parenting. Are you ready to start your life as a parent? Or this is not your first time? Either way, a new baby in the house means tiredness and stress and I want to help you get through this period easily.

It’s very helpful to have a plan and be a little prepared for the first few months together with your baby. To tell you the truth, it will be hard, but there are tips to prepare you for what’s coming next, making it all a little bit easier.

First of all, ask for help.

After giving birth and coming home with your baby, you feel these intense mixed emotions of fatigue, love, wanting to be the best mother and also a good wife. Well, guess what? You can’t do it all alone. Work as a team with your husband. Let him take care of the baby as well, as you adjust to your motherhood life.

If your husband has a full time job and can’t help you during the day, call your mom. Who other would be best at helping you than your own mother?

If you think hard, you may also find other people who could help you, either in your family or your friends. Maybe even your best girlfriend?

Find the courage and ask them to help you. Just until you get used to your new life.

Eat well

Think about what’s best for your baby. The best thing would be to have healthy parents that can take care of him. There are so much to do and you can, most of the times, forget to eat. I know, because I did it as well.

You must have the energy to cope with your newborn. Try and have a diversified and healthy diet.

Also, a healthy diet will help you with breastfeeding. Everything you eat will pass to your baby, so be careful, and especially avoid food that cause allergies.

Set up a routine

For a baby is very important to get used to a routine. They love having a program with same things to do during the day (and night).

Be careful at your baby’s signs for sleep. When you will see him yawning, put him to bed. When you’ll hear his crying feed him. When you’ll feel the bad smell of poop… well, you’ll know what to do.

Keeping a journal always helps. You will know the exact hour when your baby wants to sleep and eat. This way you can create your routine, and having a routine will help your baby and you too.

Get out of the house

Have you called your mum yet? Or anyone else who could help you out with your baby? Make sure he’s fed and get out of the house. Without the baby. Take a walk, go to the grocery, or just walk through the neighborhood.

Taking some time for yourself and not spending this much time inside will help you stay sane, have a clear mind.

Join a mother group

When you start getting out of the house with your little one it would be best if you also join other moms.

Joining a mother group helps you realize you’re not the only one who faces these problems and, you also can get some great advice from the other moms that had been through it.


Are you thinking of dusting and vacuuming the house? Forget about it. Let someone else do it. Maybe your husband could help for a while with the daily chores.

Being a new mum is stressful enough even without having to manage an entire house. If you can afford to, hire someone to take care of this..

Sleep when your baby sleepshow-to-cope-with-a-newborn-2

I know this is a cliche, but it really helps regaining the much needed strength.

As a baby, he will sleep a lot. Some mothers are fortunate enough to have babies that sleep 20 hours a day. Anyway, even if you’re not one of them, try and take a nap when your baby sleeps. It will help you get through the next night with erratic feeding times.

Just remember that things get better with time. Your baby will get used to the routine and will sleep through the night.

Just relax and trust your instincts. You will grow in confidence as a mother and you will definitely know what’s best for your child.

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