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A few days ago I received a phone call from my good friend and neighbor (one of my mommy-friends). She wanted to know if my son’s outfit for the “funny day” at preschool was ready.

“What funny day? What outfit? What a hell are you talking about?” I say surprised.

“Didn’t you read Miss’s email?” my friend asked me.

Well, now I felt quite a little shocked. I didn’t read the email that Miss (that’s how we call the teacher) from my son’s preschool is sending every Sunday with next week’s activities. As I open the email I start reading. This Thursday (as in, tomorrow) the kids at preschool are celebrating Fall. It is called Funny Day. Each kid has to wear something that represents Fall, like an orange-brown shirt or some leaves attached to their clothes.

I thought “Ok. I have to get to work!”. I grabbed my laptop and start googling for some DIY ideas for this project. I know he would be thrilled to take part in this, so I had to come up with something where he could be involved. And I found it.

With my painting skills and his creative spirit, I just knew that this was the perfect idea. We will paint the leaves and then stamp them on the fabric of the shirt. This will be the perfect Fall outfit.

So I began. Shop a cheap shirt – check, buy some more acrylic paints – check, collect leaves of different sizes – check. Everything was ready for our own crafty corner.

After I brought my son home from preschool, we started the Fall Outfit project. Apply paint, stamp the fabric and boom. There it is. We finished decorating the front of the shirt. The acrylic paint will dry during the night and the next day we will paint the back with a personalized touch, the stamp of my son’s hands. I know, I put my heart and soul into this project. But, he loved it.

Now, we wait for the big day and we’re so excited to see Miss’ reaction when she’ll see our project.






I want to give some friendly tips if you want to do this at home with your kids:

  • Be careful that the leaves are green and not brown and solid. Otherwise, you won’t be able to apply it on the fabric. You may gather the leaves directly from the tree.
  • Dilute the paint with water and apply it in a thin layer. If there will be too much paint on the leaf you will end up with a huge blob of paint on the fabric.
  • Apply the paint on the surface of the leaf that has the veins for the correct effect of the stamp.
  • Put a cardboard inside the shirt, between the fabrics so the paint won’t stain the other side. Also, the leaf will lay better on a hard surface than on a soft one.
  • I used gold, carmine red, brown, yellow and sap green.


So, let’s celebrate Fall and be crafty together! Show me what you’ve got!

Blondie Mommy


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