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We, Our Son and the Outdoors

My husband and I love everything that has to do with traveling. Usually, in weekends we are not home. We either go in the city where we were born, to our parents and David’s grandparents, getting out of the big city crowd and noise. Each year we travel at least once outside our country and we make at least 4 trips inside the country, most of them together with our son.

Traveling is our form of regrouping and relaxation, even if there is a lot of physical effort involved. At least, we are mentally relaxed.


Last weekend we went together with my parents on a picnic trip in the mountains. A great way to show our son the forest and the running waters in the woods.

Everything was carefully prepared. The picnic basket, blankets, the grill, meat and drinks.


Photo Credit: stevendepolo via Compfight cc

After parking in a glade picnic area, I got out of the car taking a breath of fresh air. The air is cleaner here than it is in the big city, I can feel that. To the right of the car I can hear the babbling sound of a river making its way from the forest through the limestone rocks. I took a drink of the jewel-blue water. The delicious taste is very refreshing.

My son’s big brown eyes become curious of the fact that my father is using the cold water as a fridge. How else could we drink the beer, if not cold?

We placed the blankets on the soft grass and opened the basket for some appetizers. We ate the boiled eggs with tomatoes and cheese. Now it’s siesta time. There is no mobile signal, no Facebook, no Twitter. I open my book and read until the guys finish the barbecue. From time to time I take a closer look at my son playing with my mom.

The grilled meat is done and the taste is delicious. My son tries the tender meat and smiles approvingly. He embraces all the sensations and wants to try new ones.

Mommy, let’s go in the forest!”. As I hear my son’s excited voice I can feel his anticipation for everything new around him. How could I resist to such a sweet invitation?

Hand by hand we head to the nut-brown forest going over a little wood bridge. We feel the twigs crunching under our feet. Breathing in the sweet aroma of the forest I look up and notice the size of the aged trees. They were majestic.

With every step we make, I show and explain to my son everything that we see around us, everything we feel, helping him sense the beauty of the nature.


My mother finds a long brown stick on the ground. She gives it to David, so he can use it as a trekking pole. He’s fascinated by the magma-red leaves, the meadow grass, the mushrooms and the wind music.

It was a great way to teach my child about the importance of nature.

When we were leaving I glanced over my shoulder, picture-framing our family perfect moments. It was over, but we will definitely be doing it again.











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