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My First Yoga Class

So, I’ve decided to start doing some exercises. The thing is, I never have the chance to exercise. Using the car day by day, I don’t get to walk too much either. I started to feel so tired and sleepy all the time, and I thought “Oh my God, maybe I have something! Maybe I’m sick.

But then I started to think of all the possibilities as why I was feeling like this. Maybe because of my badly eating habit (I am now taken some vitamin supplements)? Or maybe because I don’t exercise at all?

And then it hit me. It must be my lack of exercise. So, the conclusion was to start going to the gym.

I started looking and doing a little research to find the right gym for me. It must have a swimming pool, yoga classes (I wanted to try yoga for a long time), and cycling classes (I love how you have to synchronize with the rhythm of the music). And I found the perfect gym. It is right in my neighborhood, so it won’t take too much time to get there and it has everything I need.

After I purchased my subscription to the gym, I made my first reservation to a fitness group class. In my first day I chose to try Aqua Gym. I loved it. I mean, I love water, I love exercises where you don’t feel too much pain… What is there not to love about it?

On my second day I reserved a place on the yoga class. I was so excited to begin yoga, that my outfit was already chosen and carefully placed on the bed, waiting for me.

I did my research on yoga classes on the internet (as I always do before starting something new). What to wear, how are the exercises… But you always have to encounter new challenges on the way. Always.

As I stepped inside the studio I realized that one other person arrived before me and was taking a yoga mat from a pile of mats near the left wall. I’ve done the same and placed the mat in the next available spot on the floor.

I’ve also met the yoga instructor. A tall and tanned muscular guy with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He had a piercing look.

Other people entered filling the whole studio. They all had towels. The receptionist must have given them those towels. Why didn’t I got one? I remember now that there was a pile of clean towels at the reception desk. I’m so stupid. Next time I’ll remember.

Another thing that caught my attention was that they all had slippers. I looked at my feet and I was still in my sneakers. I took them off and I sat comfortably on the mat. The instructor was staring at me with his cerulean blue eyes. “Socks off!” he instructed. I felt like being in school, having to listen to my teacher. The yoga class didn’t even begin and I’ve been a complete mess. I took my socks off. Now I felt ready to begin.

But, how do I stay? What’s the correct position to begin yoga? I start looking around. Everyone was already on their bottom with their legs crossed. Yes, I know this one. It’s the Lotus position. Not that I’ve ever tried it (maybe once or twice) but I recognized it from magazines and from the internet. There is always a celebrity meditating in the Lotus position. I was now feeling more confident to begin this new experience.

I have to tell you one thing. I didn’t understand the names of the yoga positions (I must do a little internet research about this). Everything was “something” Asana. Maybe next time I’ll get them right (I’ll keep you updated). But some positions were a little hard for me, a beginner in all this “gym thing”.

In one of the yoga positions, I had to stand on the right leg with the left one lifted over the right thigh. I have to tell you that I had some problems with this. I couldn’t find my balance. I had to try three times till I finally got it. I found my equilibrium. And after 3 seconds, I lost it again. And this wasn’t the only one I found a little hard.


The instructor showed us a special posture and told us to do it. In this one I had to pull my leg so that the big toe reaches the opposite shoulder. Watching him, it seemed so simple. Needless to say I couldn’t do that. But I felt some kind of relief seeing that I wasn’t the only one. The others had some problem with this position also. The instructor reassured us that after a year of yoga, we could get this right.

As a conclusion, I liked the challenge that yoga has put me through. I will definitely continue the class, although I feel a little muscle soreness. I’m sure that I can do it.

Tomorrow I’m going to cycling. Maybe I’ll tell you about that too, if you like.


What about you? Do you go to the gym and try to stay fit?


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  1. I’ve never tried yoga. I love running and cycling but always think yoga is too slow for me, though I am so unsupple it would really do me good. #bigpinklink

  2. Love a bit of yoga but a new class can be daunting. Love all the research you did 🙂 #twinklytuesday
    Lauren recently posted…Two weeks in mainstream My Profile

  3. I’ve just signed up for yoga classes so this was really interesting to read. My husband has agreed to come along with me as I’m a little nervous and haven’t exercised at the gym in years!! Hopefully it will go well! #dreamteam
    five little doves recently posted…The Daddy TagMy Profile

  4. Sarah - mud cakes and wine

    Wow seriously impressed. I leave never tried yoga in fear of looking a bit of a twit as I would struggle with it all. Maybe I should be brave and try #marondays

  5. I love yoga! I’ve been doing it for about two months now and it defo starts getting easier. Your class does seem a little more intermediate/advanced than some of the ones I’ve been to but it might just be the teacher. Usually they use the sanskrit name but should also use the english terms so you can familiarise yourself with them.

    Just keep practicising! My balance was terrible post-pregnancy but it’s starting to get a little better now. The Eagle pose (left leg over right thigh and overlapping forearms) is tricky. I’m just like you.. I can only hold it about 3secs when I’m concentrating. #TwinklyTuesday

    1. I’m glad somebody get’s me 🙂

  6. I use to do Yoga years and years ago and really enjoyed it! To be honest I kind of miss it now after reading your post. It’s so relaxing and calming but at the same time you still feel like you’re getting a workout. #MarvMondays
    Liane recently posted…35 Weeks Pregnant!My Profile

  7. I run, swim and have just started pregnancy yoga. I live yoga as it makes me feel so flexible! #twinklytuesday
    Crummy Mummy recently posted…Win tickets to The Baby Show at London Olympia!My Profile

  8. I haven’t tried yoga, but Little Button has yoga classes during day care :-O Amazing really. She reels off the names to me all the time. Have fun. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…#DreamTeam Linky 21My Profile

  9. I used to do pilates regularly and I loved it! I’d definitely love to get back into it and try yoga too but finding the time and money is a little difficult. Glad you’re enjoying the gym so far! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink

  10. NOPE. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gym in my life haha, but I’m lucky to have a really fast metabolism. I am interested in yoga though as I worked for a company who do hot yoga (sweaty exercising in a tent), doesn’t sound that appealing actually, does it? Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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