Are Girls or Boys Easier? The Truth about Raising Them

Boy and Girl

All my life I dreamed of having a little blonde girl. I would arrange her feathery-like hair with fluffy bows. I would buy her beautiful dresses. We would have some girls’ talk on a bench under the greenest tree in the park.  When I found out my baby was a boy, I was a little disappointed, but, with time, I got used to the idea. Never have I imagined how hard will it be (for me) to raise an energetic boy.

It is time, at last, to speak the truth about the different challenges parents face in raising boys and girls. And maybe we will find some answers concerning the different types of parenting applied to boys and girls.



Preparing for a Girl or a Boy

So, you’re in your third trimester and ready to give birth. You probably already know the gender of your baby. Now, you must start preparing your home for the baby.

Buy some clothes for the baby, pink if you’re having a girl, blue if you’re having a boy. Prepare the baby’s room. I know I always wanted a girl and I dreamed about decorating her room with princesses, castles and fluffy little kittens on the wall. But my baby is a boy, so I adapted. Now I see a lot of cars, Super Hero stickers on the walls and robots. Of course, some girls will also love to play with cars (I was one of those girls when I was young).

After preparing your home for the baby, you should take some time for yourself and rest. Pretty soon, things will change.

Challenges to Raising a Boy or a Girl: harder, Easier or the Same?

This is a great parenting debate. Which sex is more challenging to raise? I don’t think that I have the answer to this question but I can see the differences through other mother’s eyes.

Each child is an individual with his own personality. My opinion is that there are differences in raising boys and girls.

I think BOYS are more hard work than girls.

While girls like to dance, sing and dress-up, boys like to play with Super-Heroes, kicking footballs and bouncing on the bed.

Boys love action. They are pure energy. They tend to be fearless. As a mother of a boy, you have a big challenge in front of you. You have to keep up with your son’s energy level. Prepare for rough playing, bouncing on the bed and chasing one another through the house. Most boys are not able to stay put and this can be a real challenge for parents during meals time. As parents, most of us are chasing our boys around the table to get them to eat.

Girls tend to be calmer than boys. I often hear my boy say “That’s my toy!”. Boys use the practical way. Because they aren’t so good at expressing themselves verbally, they often hit and bite to solve their problems. Verbal skills progress much faster in girls. I know that I have to keep a closer eye on what my son does on the playground and on what is he getting into.

Being more physical in their actions, boys will have more bruises and injuries. Girls tend to be more cautious. Boys need to slow down a little, while girls may need more encouragement to jump in the pool or try the bigger slide.

Because of the fact that sex differences are real, I believe that we must parent boys differently than girls. Boys are into action, while girls are into relationships. That’s why the parenting approach should be different.


What’s your opinion? Do you think raising boys or girls is the same?


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  1. I think it depends. My experience having both a girl and a boy is that my son was a lot easier than my daughter. She is far more needy in every way than my son. He was boisterousbut she needs my constant attention and presence the whole time. They have very different personalities which I think is the difference
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