My Favorite Room


Living roomHey there, lovelies! Where do you feel more comfortable and truly relaxed in your house?

My favorite room is the living room. I spend most of my time here. I read my favorite books, I write my articles, I watch TV and I work on my blog during daytime. In the evening, the living room is transformed into our playground. I dance with my son and we play most of the time here. Also, my son has most of his toys in his living room corner.


During daytime, my living room is filled with light and energy, but also calmness. My living room couch is the most Zen place I can find but, at the same time, also the one which gives me energy (because I also work here as a freelance writer).

I also love to read on my living room couch with a cup of tea and Fluffy, my cat, purring next to me. How more Zen can this room be?

This is the most comfortable place to hang out with my family and my friends.

Oh, and how great do we party in here!

What’s favorite room?

Blondie Mommy

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